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When The Termites Come to Vallarta

The first time we witnessed the arrival of The Termites in Puerto Vallarta was at a beach restaurant many years ago. Without as much as a buzz or a hum, a swarm of flying creatures suddenly appeared over our heads, shedding somewhat less than gossamer wings into our Aztec soup. While some of us shrieked the balance of our famished party dug in and scooped out the bothersome diaphanous little things and went on with our meal.

Things haven’t changed and the first appearance of these feisty insects can be a wee bit alarming. Thought they are completely harmless to humans, they do massive damage to structures in Puerto Vallarta. You will note the advent of termite season by the swarms encircling lights, shortly following dusk and they stay around long enough to drop their wings and find someplace to spend the night.

Though some will claim that termites can eat through anything, including concrete, that is an exaggeration. They are known to settle into cracks in concrete, of which houses in Puerto Vallarta are constructed. When cement is poured, either by hand or with large commercial pumps, there are inevitable cracks. The termites will squeeze into these tiny spaces and they don’t need much more than the thickness of a common credit card to find a purchase. It often looks like they have eaten their way through.

Termites are tenacious creatures and are quite capable of creating their own covered freeway to access their realm. If you see what looks like tubes of dirt on either the exterior of interior of your home, you have a termite kingdom in the making. It is good to know however, that any crawl space or crack in a foundation is akin to an engraved invitation to the termite empire. Very few homes in Puerto Vallarta will be found to have carpet because termites will burrow between the material and the floor and stay hidden from sight.

Expansion joints in places where the wall meets doors or windows, corners of homes and businesses are the termites’ 5 Star Hotel. From there, they send workers out to build a community.

We highly recommend periodic inspections. Then an exterminator comes into your home, they will look for any type of insect or rodent that can harm you or your home. They will spot termites and identify trouble spots within a moment’s time. The best thing to do is seal off any entryways and spray at suggested intervals.

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