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Vallarta, Whats in Lo de Marcos?

Hidden beauties can be found along Highway 200 on the way to or from Puerto Vallarta. One of these gems is Lo de Marcos, a small Mexican beach town that has not been fully discovered. There are no looming hotels, large boat marinas, beeping taxis or traffic jams. Quiet and relaxing are the reviews we have received regarding Lo de Marcos.

With an abundance of RV parks with names like Pretty Sunset, Lo de Marcos is a great place to find simplicity, peacefulness and a lack of grandeur. About an hour north of the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Lo de Marcos is easily accessible by buses that board along the highway and are well marked.

Fondly referred to as the French Quarter, due to the abundance of French Canadians who live there, Lo de Marcos is winter home to Canadians, North Americans and plenty of Europeans, as well.

Our first introduction to inhabitants of this unique Mexican town was at a weekly meeting, held in Puerto Vallarta on weeknights. They weren’t bothered in the least by driving all the way into town (as they stated) for the evening. It was their habit to have dinner and then head back up the highway.

Given that, we find Saturdays a good time to journey up the coast for a day visit to the Lo de Marcos tianguis, the market held once a week in the zocalo (main square). Offerings include produce and a food court, all organic and beautiful arts and crafts with emphasis on everything being natural or handmade. We wouldn’t miss the chance stroll to the pristine beach, Playa Lo de Marcos, after our shopping is done. We love to watch the surfers before we pass on to El Atracadero, the neighborhood dock where locals fish for dinner. A short distance south of the pier you will find the piscines, tide pools where you can observe sea life in the form of tiny fish and creatures of the ocean.

An added bonus is a marvelous golf course only fifteen minutes up the road from Lo de Marcos at Campo de Esuenos (Field of Dreams). With a green fee of approximately

$15, it includes a new par 4 and 5 with an island green. Visitors will love the clubhouse with excellent food and occasional entertainment with a small dance floor.

Horse trips are also available at Lo de Marcos and one only needs to inquire at one of the many palapas on the beach to be directed to a local vaquero who will happily lead tours into the jungle and surrounding areas. Buen viaje!

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