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10 Unique Wash Basins for Your Dream Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most crucial areas of the house. It is where you can refresh yourself before or after work.  10 designers made use of their brilliant ideas to come up with simple but eye catching Wash Basin designs. This is definite...

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Dental Work In Puerto Vallarta – Yes

Now that we’ve determined it’s safe to go to Mexico, let’s discuss going there for what some might perceive a dreadful purpose. Many people (we won’t call them tourists, because touring is not really what they’re up to) come to Me...

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Back To My Beloved Puerto Vallarta

I recently returned to Puerto Vallarta to spend a 10-day Thanksgiving holiday with my partner and 4 other close friends. It had been a long seven-year hiatus since I last visited this beautiful vacation destination. It was great to be back! Wh...

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