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365 Fun Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta #2

Ocean Friendly Tours Offering Responsible & Respectful Whale Watching Tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Ocean Friendly Tours is a new concept in responsible tour operation in Puerto Vallarta with a unique visual and acoustic approa...

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Linda’s Puerto Vallarta Shopping Tips

Puerto Vallarta's Wonderful Markets One of the most important things to good cooking is finding fresh, locally grown ingredients.  The experience of wandering through Mexico's markets can be a beautiful experience not only experiencing t...

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365 Fun Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta #1

Go to the Theater !  “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” – The Musical at the New Boutique Theater The hottest show in town is getting rave reviews!  It’s a 1978 Broadway Musical based upon a true story of a sensationalist TV ...

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Getting to Know the Jungle Around Puerto Vallarta

A visit to Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens Every outing we have ever gone on with botanist Miguel Cházaro has been an adventure. One day our friend took us to visit a cloud forest of maple trees and giant ferns, not far from Talpa, Jalisco....

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