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Seller’s Vallarta Real Estate Guide

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It is essential you select the best agent for you as you begin the process of selling your home. While you may
select an agent because you know them or like them, you should also look for their experience and expertise.
Do they work for a reputable company? Yes, it does make a difference! A reputable firm is the best protection
of your investment. Do they belong to AMPI? AMPI’s association of realtors in Puerto Vallarta expects the highest
level of professionalism from their agents. While your agent should be excellent in their field of real estate, you
should enjoy their company. You will be working together as your agent manages the selling process to assist you
in reaching your goal of a successful sale.
You will work with your agent regarding price. A market analysis should clearly show the seller what the market
says regarding the recommended price of their home. Should a seller not listen to what the market says
regarding the pricing of their property, they will likely experience longer market time which equates to a lower
selling price. Your agent can educate you about the risks of overpricing your property and show you the best
range your property should be priced in to bring about the highest price for your home in the shortest period of
The better prepared your property is, the greater chance you will receive the highest price in the shortest period
of time.

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Your agent will create a customized marketing plan for your property using the latest technology. We strive to
reach a broad base of buyers locally and internationally.

Showing your home is a necessary inconvenience. We will have broker’s opens and public open houses. While
we try to give you as much notice as possible for a showing, it is important that your home be show ready once
it is listed. This means clean, lights on, staged, music and aroma. Your agent will go over the details of having your
home show ready.
Once an offer on a property has been made by a buyer and accepted by the seller, they enter into a legal
contract known as a Purchase and Sale Agreement. It is required in Mexico that all legal contracts be in Spanish,
so your contract will typically be in Spanish and English. If a contract is only in Spanish, it is the buyer’s responsibility
to interpret the contract. Your agent will explain the contract, contingencies and importance of adhering to the
time frames. When you have entered into a contract it is imperative you stay in close communication with your
agent to protect your deposit and potential investment.
Timothy Real Estate Group recommends an inspection of the property. This is to protect you and your investment.
The home inspector will check the property to make sure the systems are in good working order and the home is
in sound condition. They will also go over maintenance recommended to maintain the property in ideal
condition. Should an issue arise, you will work with your agent to negotiate repairs or concessions.

Negotiating is key to your success. You will appreciate the experience and expertise of the Timothy Real Estate
Group agents. It is a fine line to negotiate on your behalf getting you the best price possible and still maintain a
positive relationship with the seller and their agent. Our excellent reputation in the Puerto Vallarta real estate
community allows us the working relationships to find and negotiate the best possible properties for our buyers.
You will now stay in close communication with everyone involved in the closing process. Your agent, notary and
lender (if applicable) will be sharing communications as well as require signatures and information from you. Your
timely response during this process is essential to protect your investment and assure you the successful closing we
are all looking for.
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