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Puerto Vallarta’s Fabulous Weather

The change of seasons is upon us. Fall is in the air and soon weather temperatures will drop and cold weather will arrive.

More and more Americans and Canadians are spending their winters in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, as it is an ideal “snowbird” destination. Puerto Vallarta is a friendly place to live and it has a low cost of living, it’s safe and it offers many activities year round. It is located in the heart of Mother Nature’s lush jungle between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre mountains.

The main reason foreigners find Puerto Vallarta so attractive is this: the Average February

Temperature (F) High/Low

Chicago 34/18

Seattle 49/38

San Francisco 59/47

Denver 47/20

Vancouver 46/34

Calgary 31/10

Toronto 29/15

Montreal 24/10

New York City 40/27

Puerto Vallarta 84/64!!!

Sunshine, warm days and pleasant evenings all winter long makes the lifestyle here wonderful. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to live out those cold winter months.

This said, Puerto Vallarta has been my home for many years now and I must admit that the summer and early fall months can be magical. The lush tropical mountains offer deep greens and the ocean is an incredible deep to turquoise blue. The almost daily afternoon rains cool everything off in the evenings and Puerto Vallarta becomes a stunning display of Mother Nature. Welcome to Mexico, Bienvenidos!

Russell Faulkner