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Puerto Vallarta: US Politics In Mexico

What is it about the popularity of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta? The country adores them! It’s not just that Mexicans don’t like (to put it mildly) the opposition; they also have a Mutual Admiration Society going on with the Clintons.

It is a fact that the Mexican government has depended on the United States judicial system to expose corruption in Mexico and the current administration of Barack Obama has been very instrumental in assisting Mexico in some very tricky matters. To consider Hillary Clinton as an extension of Obama is certainly not a negative for Mexicans and they also see the same in regards to her husband, who was very well loved. In 1995, when the peso took a headlong dive into the shallow end of the empty pool, President Bill Clinton stepped up with a plan to help Mexico out of their financial predicament. At that time, however, his ideas were rejected by the United States congress; in typical Clinton fashion, he turned around and drafted a billion dollar loan package for Mexico. The idea was to bring back what was once an international confidence to Mexico. It worked, and the government of Mexico not only paid the United Sates back but did so three years in advance of their payment schedule.

There is no doubt that President Obama is well loved in Mexico, as he is everywhere outside of his own country where a large section of the electorate has not been happy with his social programs or, in many cases, the color of his skin. Mexicans toss this negativity aside, since a great deal of those platforms has mirrored their own. A Clinton presidency, from the perspective of those we have spoken to in Puerto Vallarta, would look a lot like that of the current administration. There’s the opinion that Hillary Clinton will reach across the border in the same fashion as her predecessor and her husband, opening further the conversation of battling narcotics and continuing to strengthen an already sound trade agreement. She is much more inclined to invite those to a well laden table of combined import/exports than to build any type of wall.

There is also the strong belief that a woman in the position of US president would empower women in the terms of politics across all of Latin America. Ancient faux pas on the part of Hillary Clinton are easily overlooked in light of the attitude of her opponent, who our friends in Puerto Vallarta intensely dislike. We have been nearly chased out of gatherings just for mentioning his name, so we won’t repeat that error here.

Que cómo es es.

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The opinions expressed are those of our guest blogger, Adam Garcia.

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