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Puerto Vallarta: Your Suitcase and You

Coming or Going; Your Suitcase and You

We’ve all suffered that airport moment, coming or going from Puerto Vallarta, anxiously awaiting our luggage to show up on the conveyor belt or tumble down an unforgiving chute.  Finding the suitcase is our first priority; hauling it is second.

Our primary recommendation is WHEELS; whether you’re dragging your junk around in a duffel bag, backpack, or a fancy, sparkly swiveling suitcase. Travel duffels and backpacks now come with wheels. Some designer, after enduring shoulders that felt like Atlas did indeed shrug, came up with this marvelous idea. What took so long?

We bought the hard body suitcase as soon as we saw fellow travelers deplaning in Puerto Vallarta … wheeling, spinning, and practically dancing through terminals and parking lots. We did serious research prior to purchase and discovered that high quality is important. If you opt for a cheap version of the hard body, be duly warned, they are prone to cracking under pressure. Same goes for soft body suitcases; less expensive brands can tear, rip and burst, spilling contents and causing unimaginable delays.

Size matters. A carry-on can be no larger than 45 inches; that’s length plus width and height. Avoid being required to check it by measuring at home. Standard major airlines specifications for checked bags are no larger than 62 inches; same LWH rules apply. If you are the person who insists on packing everything into a carry-on, remember… that baby has to go over heads and into the bin. In other words, if you can’t pick it up and hoist it, you need to rethink; and repack.

Going to some exotic place where the final leg of your journey is on a puddle-jumper (small plane with 20 or less seats), make sure you check ahead with the airline. Bag requirements are different; weight on these planes is crucial.

Our favorite bag is pink, purchased with identification in mind. We don’t care what people think when we’re lugging our belongings through the airport at Puerto Vallarta or anywhere else. We happily have a piece of luggage that  doesn’t look like everyone else’s and it stands out in a crowd!

Interiors are important, too. If you want a swim at the last minute, there are suitcases, packs, etc that have compartments for wet items. And if you want to bring that bottle of tequila to Uncle George, the hard body is for you, with straps to hold things in place.

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We enable our clients to realize their vision for the future.  We understand and plan for their concerns and are dedicated to transforming those concerns to peace of mind and joy.

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