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Puerto Vallarta Living: Health Tips

Health Tips When Traveling

We love to eat, whether we’re in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere else in the world. So far we’ve been very lucky to not experience Montezuma’s Revenge or Delhi Belly, but it’s mostly about using common sense. You can partake in the local fares and not worry about spending your vacation in a bathroom, or worse yet, emergency room. Here’s how: Drink water, lots of it and make sure it’s purified (bottled or filtered). When flying, avoid coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol. They dehydrate you and the most important thing when traveling by air is to stay hydrated.
When flying, get up and move around as much as your flight allows. We advise sitting without crossed legs, however unless you’re in First Class, that’s not likely possible anyway. Blood clots, especially in older travelers, can be very dangerous. Eat protein and avoid loads of carbs; you’ll feel much better. If you don’t take vitamins, this is a good time to start. We take a probiotic every morning. Eat fresh and don’t frequent establishments that look grubby or unkempt. Make sure you aren’t eating pre-prepared food. Yogurt is beneficial and you will see it in different forms in Puerto Vallarta; Yakult is everywhere and provides protection for the tummy.
Wash your hands and keep them off your face and out of your mouth. Hand sanitizers are great for bacteria but they don’t do the job on viruses. Keep your hands clean, every chance you get, with soap and hot water.
We recommend getting in shape before you take a trip. Walking is the best way to see things and there are a lot of stairs and hills in Puerto Vallarta, and you can expect to find them when you travel. If you are a runner, swimmer, biker, or whatever your healthy sport is, do a little research of your destination ahead and you will find the best locations and paths.
We always travel with moleskin. It is readily available in any pharmacy, as well as Body Glide. Both products can make life a lot more pleasant if you’re walking a lot. Blisters and chafing can be avoided, and Body Glide works for rubbing sandal straps, knapsacks and backpacks and is a must for anyone using a wetsuit. Be sure to have well fitting shoes, more than one pair.
Don’t overdo, over-drink, or over-think. Get enough rest each night to start out your next day fresh. Being inebriated can get you into all sorts of trouble, so limit your intake and don’t go wild. If you’re traveling in a country or town you aren’t familiar with, you’ll see things that aren’t normal to your senses. Don’t jump to conclusions and if you think you’re witnessing something odd or unusual, ask a person in a reasonable position of authority. If you feel ill, find out how to see a doctor or what types of walk-in clinics are available. Chances are the cost will be surprisingly low, someone will speak your language, and putting things off can make you really sick. Your stomach may be upset for a day or two in any foreign place; take this is stride. You’re probably adjusting. Don’t drink a lot and stick to mild foods; likely you’ll feel better in a matter of hours.
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