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Puerto Vallarta Living: Dating Life

Dating in Puerto Vallarta

In a recent survey, in which we asked what dating groups exist in Puerto Vallarta, we plenty of laughs, in return. It’s no secret; there are a lot of single people who have relocated to Puerto Vallarta. There’s also a lot of activity, even though a few want to scoff at the idea.
Some responses were made in jest, yet made a lot of sense. The beach came in first as a place to look for a date. This might work for the younger set, but older folks seem to prefer bars. And a bar on the beach hit the top of the list. Pubs, bars, taverns, saloons… they’ve all been primary meeting places for many who boast silver and golden wedding anniversaries, so those are not outlandish ideas.
We recommend joining groups, too. There are hiking tours, house tours, kayak and stand-up-paddle clubs. Tennis, anyone? Go hang out at the local courts and challenge someone to find a doubles partner. Yoga, the gym, dance classes. Our favorite place to meet people and as a bonus, learn the local language: Spanish classes.
There are some apps, and they’re the same as everywhere…, for example. You can narrow down your location and easily seek someone who has recently moved to Puerto Vallarta or is visiting.
There’s a Facebook group with a set of criteria, which will make you feel like you’ve been interrogated, but you’ll also have more trust in anyone who decides to go through the same process. For this site, PV Singles, you must live in Puerto Vallarta at least one month out of the year. It is for single people only; there apparently have been some issues with this. The Facebook group made it clear that anyone who wants to join must be committed to looking for real connections, dating and love. Seems fair enough. You will fill out a complete and honest bio and there is a time limitation, so be prepared before you ask to be a member. You cannot reach out to other members of the group without the bio completed. The instructions clearly state that you can send each member one message and if they respond with interest you are welcome to continue communications. No spam or promotions are permitted. The admin will closely monitor this and is willing to discuss any events you might like to host. It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask to be kind and courteous, but we have found in the current culture, some people still need to be schooled in this. Lastly, they ask that you respect the privacy of others. Be sensitive to what you share in a group.
There are many opportunities to meet people in Puerto Vallarta. Good luck and, above all, have fun.
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