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New Puerto Vallarta ‘House Hunters International’ Episode Airs Tomorrow!

HGTV ‘House Hunters International’ Returns Once More To Puerto Vallarta

Timothy Real Estate Group and Taniel Chemsian are at it again on HGTV’s popular television series ‘House Hunters International’. This time they are with fashion designed Andrew Christian, who is looking for unique home to escape to from his hectic work schedule back in the States.

Below is the episode synopsis on HGTV’s website

Season 91, Episode 8

Fashion Designer Seeks Modern Second Home in Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Andrew Christian’s life as a fashion designer in Los Angeles is fast-paced and non-stop. He’s learned that getting out of the country is a great stress reliever, so he’s ready to buy a second home in his favorite escape of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Andrew wants a large, ultra-modern space in Old Town, but ultra-modern and Old Town don’t necessarily go together. He’s used to getting what he wants, so compromise on space, style, or location, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is going to be hard.

Airdate/Times (HGTV USA):

Friday, September 23 – 10:30pm/9:30pm Central

Saturday, September 24 – 1:30am/12:30am Central