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Only 20 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias (Boo-suh-rias) is nestled towards the North shore of Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas). Once considered a fishing village, it has become a home & favorite vacation spot to many that like the slighter, quieter side of life.

It is known for it’s slower pace yet has all the amenities that one needs to get away, get spoiled or simply be part of the local culture. Bucerias’ 5-mile stretch of soft sandy beaches, cobblestone streets and heartwarming charm give you the feel of simpler times.

Founded in the 1930’s, Bucerias is now home to some 17,000+ residents made up mostly of Spanish speaking Mexicans. Many from Canada & the US have also chosen to settle here. Nearby Puerto Vallarta’s population is around 300,000+.

Along or near the wide stretched sandy beaches is a great selection of restaurants ranging from upscale to simple & quaint. Lots to do here! Some say that Puerto Vallarta was like this some 40 years ago.

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Bucerias Price Trends: Condos

  • 339222.00,306809.50,307909.00,304693.50,313564.50,318129.00,308454.50,297376.00,290000.00,293271.00,290000.00,284150.50

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Bucerias Price Trends: Houses

  • 499000.00,499000.00,469000.00,439000.00,288950.00,298500.00,299000.00,299000.00,299000.00,264500.00,264500.00,269000.00

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