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Viejo Vallarta, also called The Romantic Zone (Zona Romántica), is just south of Vallarta Centro and is the busiest part of Puerto Vallarta, streets are smaller, there are more shops, cafes, bars and restaurants per square foot here than anywhere else in town.

Here the signature cobblestone village streets that crossed the Cuale River from the northern downtown, extend into the traditional Mexican part of town and where you really enjoy Vallarta. Truth be told, this area is newer than downtown PV, but it does feel more like a pueblo.

Playa Los Muertos is the top attraction in Old Vallarta, the beach is crowded compared to the rest of the beaches in Vallarta, but that also means that if you enjoy people watching, you’ll have fun here, vendors, activities, food, beers, parasailing, a swim in the ocean (the waves aren’t big, play in the sand with your kids. Then enjoy the bars and cafés, at night there are quite a few very good restaurants on the beach and with famous and romantic Vallarta sunsets.

Centro South Condos: Price Trends

  • 328912.18,327390.29,330846.97,333519.12,330235.63,330385.04,334386.05,328853.26,334836.02,341386.04,408075.69,404165.15

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Centro South Houses: Price Trends

  • 821458.25,736491.58,645135.64,647126.60,618493.27,626338.46,657500.00,625500.00,577678.57,697500.00,720333.33,687423.42

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