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Ocean Side


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Beds0 Baths0 Total Construction m2:3746.5 Total Lot Size M2924.24
Total Construction SqFt:40,312.23 Total Lot Size SqFt.9,944.82

Property Description

Excellent investment potential for commercial shops and hotel/condos/apartments above. Space breakdown: Underground parking of 924.24M2; Street level: 11 commercial spaces and an interior lobby, 741.30M2; Level 1: Gym area, recreation room, 8 1-bedroom suites, 4 2-bedroom suites, 741.30M2; Level 2: 9 2-bedroom suites, 504.99M2; Pool, sun lounge area and bar/restaurant, 310.48M2, Level 3: 9 2-bedroom suites, 524.18M2. Total construction 3,746.49M2.

Community Centro South: Emiliano Zapata

Property Type Commercial

Property Status: For Sale

Property Agent Hugo Padilla Estate Agent / A.M.P.I. Member Stella Leavitt Estate Agent/A.M.P.I. Member


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