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Hotel Encino


Property Details

Beds0 Baths0 Total Construction m2:3669 Total Lot Size M2997
Total Construction SqFt:39,478.44 Total Lot Size SqFt.10,727.72

Property Description

otel Encino is a fantastic investment opportunity in the heart of El Centro Puerto Vallarta. It is a working hotel consisting 75 rooms and one owner's suite. The hotel features a large pool, bar and restaurant, elevator and beautiful courtyard. In addition to the features within the hotel it also has seven commercial spaces on street level. Hotel Encino is located right on the river and one block from the beach in the middle of El Centro across the street from the handicraft market. This is a great investment opportunity and a must see.

Community Centro North : El Centro

Property Type Commercial

Property Status: For Sale

Property Agent Carl Timothy President


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