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How’s The Heat In Puerto Vallarta?

It’s Too Darn Hot!

It’s too darn hot It’s too darn hot I’d like to sup with my baby tonight Refill the cup with my baby tonight But I ain’t up to my baby tonight ‘Cause it’s too darn hot …. Ella Fitzgerald

It does get hot in Puerto Vallarta in the summertime. From May to October, the rains come down; creating humidity that rises when the sun shines intensely. Locals and residents love it since it’s much less crowded. Any tourist who can deal with the heat will also find it’s a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta.

When we first came to Puerto Vallarta, there were few places with air conditioning including ours. Houses, restaurants and many other businesses had no windows and usually screens only in bedrooms. Of course, we’ve become spoiled like everyone else. There are other methods besides air conditioning to keep cool. Fans are a primary fixture in all rooms and on the patio. We have seen them nailed to trees with cords wrapped around trunks. Very al fresco. We use box fans in windows; they push the hot air out and create a good breeze and it saves on the electric bill, instead of using the air conditioning.

Cotton sheets are recommended since cotton takes in body heat; the higher the thread count, the better results. Cotton pajamas or one’s birthday suit are a great idea. Some find sleeping in a hammock refreshing, with air circulating all around. We have been known to keep pillow cases and top sheets in the freezer compartment and slipping them on the bed at the last minute.

Rub pulse points with ice cubes (wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees). Icy cold drinks are advised but avoid alcohol; it raises internal temperatures and doesn’t really aid sleeping, contrary to popular belief. Drink LOTS of water; hydration is the best remedy. We see a lot of Pedialyte in the pharmacies in Puerto Vallarta; it’s not just for babies. Replacing electrolytes does wonders for one’s energy. Fresh coconuts, available everywhere, do the best job of replacing body fluid. Suck the water out with a straw for one of the healthiest treats on earth.

We’ve been known to take several showers in a day. Some prefer to hop in and out without actual bathing but we like to wash away the sweat so we go through a lot of soap in the summer months. Freshness helps coolness in many ways.

A cool, damp cloth around the neck and local markets even sell such things in stylish colors and fabrics. Place these in the refrigerator and have more than one ready for a quick cool down.

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