David And Andrea – Filming For House Hunters International in Puerto Vallarta

Q: How did you guys wind up on House Hunters International?

Our real estate agent Taniel Chemsian from Timothy Real Estate approached us initially about appearing on the show sometime in the summer of 2012.

Q: What was the first thing that went through your head when he asked you?

First off, we were like “What?….Really? Us on HGTV?” David and I discussed it for some time and thought “Why not?…this will be a fun experience we can talk about for years”…. After all, doesn’t it seem like everyone is on a reality type show these days?

Q: Did you ever have the jitters about being on such a popular TV show?

We definitely got nervous as we were vastly approaching the shoot. We really didn’t know what to expect.

Q: Did you come across any challenges?

First off, we were having wardrobe dilemmas! We were instructed not to wear any stripes or white. So there goes half my wardrobe! Then we were stressing out about the camera adding 10 lbs on TV, so we stepped up the gym routine, doing a lot of cardio and getting a tan before filming! Nobody wants to see a sloppy pasty looking Brit on television. After all, we are talking about Puerto Vallarta, so it wouldn’t make sense not to have some color.

Q: What was the actual filming like?

Watching a finished product and how it’s put together are totally different. Filming takes a long time…you have to set up the shot, find the right angle, make sure everything is in frame, mics had to be checked and double checked,  your battling outside noise issues, like when our neighbor was chain sawing down his tree the same day we were filming in our house! That was not fun and delayed us a bit.  We often had to wait patiently while the crew did their thing prior to the camera being ready to roll.  David, always the comedian, tried to keep us relaxed by joking around and doing Gangnam  style dance moves. That in itself deserved it’s own TV special.

Q: What were some of the favorite places you filmed in Puerto Vallarta?

We enjoyed our filming at Cafe Des Artistes where we enjoyed some great wine. We also headed to Galeria Dante on Basilio Badillo street where they had some of the most amazing art in the entire city. Those two spots were definite highlights for me.

Q: You and David have traveled extensively, why did you decide to purchase a property in Puerto Vallarta?

We decided to buy in Puerto Vallarta because we have visited there for many years, it is the place where we fell in love so it has always had great memories and its such a beautiful and relaxing place to be.

Q: What were some of your requirements in your quest to finding the perfect property?

We were interested in finding a property with rental potential, a great view, close to the beach and decent proximity to town. Living in Los Angeles we are in our cars a lot so we really wanted to avoid having to do a lot of driving, we wanted to escape that, so it was a challenge for Taniel to find us a property with all of the qualities we were looking for. He was very patient and a wonderful listener. In the end, we made for a great team and the end result was exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t have done it without him.


Q: Any regrets with your purchase decision?

We are very happy with the property we bought…its on the beach with a huge pool, a beachfront gym with ocean views (How often do you get to see that?) and right across the street from the marina, so we can walk to shops and restaurants. Our condo is easy to maintain, spacious and with a lot of light…not to mention we’ve done very well with the rental aspect, which makes David very happy and allows me to buy more shoes

Q: Was there anything from your Wish List you didn’t get?

Well, we had a pretty big wish list!  David’s list was more practical and mine was more “dreamy”, but I think in the end we were able to fine tune what was really important to us and couldn’t of wished for anything better. This property is definitely us.

Q: What would you say to someone considering purchasing a property in Puerto Vallarta?

I would definitely recommend investing in Puerto Vallarta. The city has a lot of options for all types of buyers, including a variety of styles, architecture and price points. The people of PV are friendly, courteous and warm. And, Puerto Vallarta has some of the most incredible restaurants that will rival any large metropolitan city. We’ve always felt safe and happy to just be there and lay on the beach. Beachfront property is still quite affordable compared to the US.

Q: What advice would you give someone that’s starting their property search in Puerto Vallarta?

It is important to choose a good, established real estate company to steer you through the process. We were very fortunate to have met Taniel Chemsian and Timothy Real Estate Group. They were able to make the whole buying process easy for us because of their experience, transparency and knowledge. We felt comfortable and secure with Taniel.


Q: Would you do another episode of House Hunters International?

If we win the lottery then we can buy another property in PV, just to be on the show again! or maybe we could start a Real Housewives of PV…What do you think?

Q: Have you been recognized since the show aired?

We get calls and emails from a lot people; we were surprised how many people had seen us on the show. Random people recognized us in the few days after the show, which was pretty funny. One woman was telling me how much she loved my outfits…we felt we had our 15 minutes! I never knew the show was so huge.


Q: That brings me to my last questions…who was your stylist? Your fashion was great!

My dog Bentley.



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