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Living in Mexico – We Have All The Lifestyle Information You Will Need.

Another Great Thing About Puerto Vallarta  

One great thing about living in Puerto Vallarta is the access to wonderful organic fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Here is a easy salad using ingredients that are plentiful (and cheap) here in Puerto Vallarta. This is a really fu...

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2017 Real Estate Market Report

2017 Real Estate Market Report In general we had a spectacular year in 2017. We are seeing Canadian and Mexican national Buyers are back and investing in real property again, even with the current exchange rates to the US Dollar. The year en...

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I tend to be a bit of an environmentalist. So when I read this article written by someone that is out and about in our bay every day it made me happy. We live in such a beautiful place and with some of the new ideas and thinking in the Puerto V...

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Puerto Vallarta: Thursday Marina Market

Thursday Marina Market We love to take a Thursday trip out to the Marina in high season. The Marina Market was once a small shopping experience that we enjoyed before dinner at one of the fine marina restaurants. We would buy some vegetables...

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Your Are Safe In Puerto Vallarta

Safeness in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is so safe that many ex-pats choose to retire here, over other suitable destinations in Mexico and southern United States. These are a predominantly affluent and a well-informed group of individu...

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Make A Difference In Puerto Vallarta

Pasitos de Luz is a daycare for disabled children from low income families. If a family has a reliable source for day care their child, they have a better chance of creating and keeping a stable home. We first heard about Pasitos de Luz in ...

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Puerto Vallarta Rocks The Vote

Voting From Afar We agree with those in Puerto Vallarta who are intent on discussing the issue that the upcoming election in the United States is going to be one of the most important events in the history of the country. If one party wins, ...

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Vallarta And the Flucuating Pesos

Counting Pesos Recently we were informed of a disgruntled tourist in Puerto Vallarta who was very unhappy regarding being shortchanged at a convenience store. Seems the wife sent the husband for avocadoes, beer and water with a $500 peso...

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Vallarta: The Heavenly Siesta

Learning about la Siesta was one of our favorite lessons when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta many years ago. With the coming warmer months, we will schedule this activity as mandatory, in a binding contract with our very own self, knowing fu...

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Huipil – Those Beautiful Blouses!

When shopping in Puerto Vallarta, one will find few garments as simple and yet elaborate as Huipil, the traditional dress worn by indigenous women of Central and South America. A Nahuatl word, pronounced weep-eel, the length of a Huipil can be ...

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2016 Property Taxes Are Due On Your Mexican Property

Dear Homeowners & Property Managers It is that time of year again and the 2016 property taxes are due on your Mexico properties. Unfortunately, property tax departments throughout Mexico do NOT send out annual tax bills. However, they have ...

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A Fugitive in Vallarta

If you are thinking of hiding in Puerto Vallarta, you might want to reconsider. That old adage :you can run but you can’t hide” applies here in paradise. Time and again, losers from north of the border have sought a refuge in this resor...

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Cora Holy Week (La Judea)

 (Jesús María Municipio el Nayar, Nayarit) Holy Week celebration has many interpretations in different parts of México; almost every community has a way to represent the events that lead to the Passion of Christ”. The most interesting on...

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Peregrinaciones In December

The Peregrinaciones or Processions are celebrated during the first 12 days of December. Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ was given the name “La Virgen de Guadalupe”, or The Virgen of Guadalupe” in Mexico by church authorities almost 500 year...

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Be Safe Everyone.

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