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Living in Mexico – We Have All The Lifestyle Information You Will Need.

Vallarta Has A Shark Tank

We have many friends who own and love their timeshare properties in Puerto Vallarta. Some purchased many years ago with older companies and have sustained and broadened their ownership over decades. The buildings are well maintained, with staff...

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Puerto Vallarta Customs or Aduana

We had the delightful (cough, cough) opportunity to make a passage through Customs (Aduana) in Puerto Vallarta recently and observed some of the do’s and don’ts. (Smile) Our experience took place at the airport and we thought it mind be kin...

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Searching for Reason Puerto Vallarta Style

We have been asked about the sculpture of the ladder on the Malecón. Two children climb to the top while a mother-like figure at the base seems to either plead with them or bid them farewell. Some people claim this is the artist Sergio Bus...

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Amate and Cartoneria Around Puerto Vallarta

Aztecs were meticulous record keepers and developed their own paper long before the Spanish conquest. Amate paper was banned by the Spanish conquistadors for the simple reason it was used in Aztec religious ceremonies. It was considered by Azte...

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Cora Holy Week (La Judea)

 (Jesús María Municipio el Nayar, Nayarit) Holy Week celebration has many interpretations in different parts of México; almost every community has a way to represent the events that lead to the Passion of Christ”. The most interesting on...

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1st Annual Vallarta Real Estate Fair a hit!

The first annual Vallarta Real Estate Fair took place at the Rivera Molino Plaza on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013. The successful event hosted by Timothy Real Estate Group, included over 12 local businesses and professionals offering free advice ra...

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Peregrinaciones In December

The Peregrinaciones or Processions are celebrated during the first 12 days of December. Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ was given the name “La Virgen de Guadalupe”, or The Virgen of Guadalupe” in Mexico by church authorities almost 500 year...

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