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Vallarta & Feast Of The Holy Innocents

Fools’ Day in Puerto Vallarta: Be careful what you read in the news or see on the television in Puerto Vallarta on December 28th; it’s Fool’s Day in Mexico. Though we have comparable days north of the border, the Day of Innocents can see...

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Vallarta Has a 4 Star Restaurant Scene

Fine Dining In and Around Puerto - We are often asked for recommendations for dinner (and breakfast and lunch) and there are many great restaurants to choose from in Puerto Vallarta; it’s hard to pin down our favorite. Tre Piatti is high on t...

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Costa Alegre’s Magic

The shores of the Pacific coast of Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coast lines in Mexico with much to explore. In the nineties it was declared an Ecological Tourist corridor by presidential decree. A harmonious combination of...

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100% Pure Honey In Puerto Vallarta

Honey in Puerto Vallarta: There’s some good honey to be found in Puerto Vallarta. Vendors at the Farmer’s Markets have abundant supplies of the real stuff. We love it and couldn’t have our tea without it. However, it’s good to know that...

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Vallarta: The Blue Footed Booby

The Blue-Footed Booby: Did you know Puerto Vallarta is one of the few places in the world you can see the Blue-footed booby? Half of all Blue-footed boobies are found in the Galápagos Islands. The remainder is scattered along the Pacific Ocea...

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The Singing Queens Of Vallarta

The Singing Queens of Puerto Vallarta: We’ve seen some fine drag shows in Puerto Vallarta. Our favorites are, of course, those entertainers who use their own voice for vocals but we don’t mind a lip-syncing, if it’s good. There are seve...

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Vallarta: Seeking Survival

Refugees: Though they won’t be traveling through Puerto Vallarta, and whether you’re sympathetic to the plight of droves of refugees seeking asylum in the United States, it’s beneficial to understand why they are heading in that directio...

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Roma: A Movie That Cant Be Missed In Vallarta

Roma: We don’t often write movie reviews for this blog but are so inspired by the recent Mexican film Roma, for many reasons. We were far into the film, a scene at the ocean in Veracruz, before we astonishingly realized this movie was shot i...

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