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Is It Cheaper Living in Mexico?

Cheaper Living in Mexico We moved to Puerto Vallarta for many reasons and we will readily admit that fixed income was certainly a priority. The weather’s lovely, especially when we have the opportunity to travel to other destinations in an...

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Puerto Vallarta: USA Election Question

Why Does Mexico Care? There are many reasons the election is of great interest to Mexico and lately it seems like every dinner discussion in Puerto Vallarta centers around the upcoming US election. Over 34 million people of Mexican origi...

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Rosca del Reyes In Puerto Vallarta

For a long time, we thought it quite strange to see Christmas decorations hanging in and around homes far into the New Year. In error, we assumed this was a sign of laziness! One couldn’t get around to putting the baubles away and taking ...

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Happy New Year Vallarta!

On New Year’s Eve, in Puerto Vallarta, dinner is served late. Along with the usual fare, one is often served a small bowl of grapes, twelve of them. Each grape represents the coming months in the New Year and a separate wish is made while...

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Puerto Vallarta: Armed With Knowledge

Guns and Mexico Lately we’ve heard a lot about gun ownership…everywhere. Is it legal for civilians to own guns in Puerto Vallarta? The Mexican Constitution does address this issue; Article 10 is very specific. Firearm laws in Mexico are ...

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Giving Back in Puerto Vallarta

The Gift of Life Blood is always needed, since surgeries and accidents are daily life occurrences. In Puerto Vallarta you won’t likely be paid monetarily for giving blood but you will benefit in the case you are ever in the position of...

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Isla Marietas Paraíso de Nayarit

Isla Marietas Paraíso de Nayarit Beginning in the mid ‘80’s in Puerto Vallarta, we began fishing trips on pangas, which are open boats and dot the shoreline up and down the shores of Puerto Vallarta. Floating around offshore, lines ...

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Yes, Vallarta Is Growing

Puerto Vallarta has long been a bustling, active town. It didn’t start with the Hollywood invasion, though the way some people talk, Vallarta was nothing but a sleepy fishing village before the event of movie-making. Las Peñas, as Puerto Va...

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2016 Vallarta Real Estate Fair Is Big Success

This year’s Vallarta Real Estate Fair had a record turnout with more exhibitors and attendees enjoying the fair than ever before.  The highlights of the Fair were the two seminars that were heavily attended by locals, buyers and sellers.  L...

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What Would You Do If….? In Puerto Vallarta

By TREGROUP · July 14, 2016 Jellyfish and Other Seashore Sightings Barnacles (balaño in Spanish) are always something to be aware of when wading in saltwater, though they are not as plentiful on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta as one...

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PUERTO VALLARTA REAL ESTATE FAIR 2015 The annual Vallarta Real Estate Fair is the perfect opportunity to get the important information Buyers, Sellers, and Homeowners need to make the most of their real estate investments.  The 2015 Fai...

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House Hunters Intl: Second Vallarta Charity Event!

Timothy Real Estate Group filmed their first episode for the wildly popular and highly addictive HGTV real estate show House Hunters International back in 2012. Fast-forward to 2014, the real estate powerhouse filmed three more episodes, hosted...

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