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Back To My Beloved Puerto Vallarta

I recently returned to Puerto Vallarta to spend a 10-day Thanksgiving holiday with my partner and 4 other close friends. It had been a long seven-year hiatus since I last visited this beautiful vacation destination. It was great to be back!

What I love most about this Mexican seaport, besides its beautiful and remote beaches, are the people. The locals are friendly, informative, having a simple and authentic approach to life.

Taniel Chemsian of Timothy Real Estate Group recommended we stay at a villa named Villa Azul Celeste in Lower Conchas Chinas. His suggestion couldn’t have been a more perfect and ideal vacation property for me and my friends.

View from Amapas Romantic Zone

View from Amapas Romantic Zone

The property is about 2 miles south of downtown Puerto Vallarta and a few minutes taxi or bus ride to virtually anywhere you wanted to go. The villa was secluded and right on the water with its own pool and private beach. The staff was incredible; our private cook prepared delicious, Mexican specialties. Whatever we wanted we received. One thing to remember is if you want fresh cranberries for your Thanksgiving dinner, ask the staff to purchase them from the market early since they are imported and sell out fast.

A lot has changed over the seven years; there are more conveniences such as Costco and Wal-Mart, new shopping malls hosting prominent department stores, great new restaurants and incredible new condominium developments for someone wanting to purchase a home in this tropical paradise.

A fabulous new steak house in the Marina Vallarta recommended by Taniel Chemsian is a place called Sonora Grill. The ambiance was inviting, sophisticated and modern. The quality of the meat was incredible and the price point was reasonable.

The new Malecon, where only pedestrians are allowed to roam freely, now provides for a relaxing and comfortable venue for a little shopping and having a great lunch. The Malecon is now connected to the famous Playa Los Muertos by the new Rio Cuale pedestrian bridge.

Puerto Vallarta has developing nicely and has created a beautiful place to not only vacation but an ideal town at which to retire. During my stay I viewed a fine and affordable selection of condominium properties with Taniel. I was amazed at what your money can buy here vs. a property on any American coastline. There simply is no comparison.

I am 53 years old and definitely could see myself spending half my time in Puerto Vallarta and the other half in San Diego where I live. At these value prices, it can be easily done.

There is one more thing that I always do when I visit Puerto Vallarta and that is to take a private boat or water taxi to a more secluded beach. In the past I have been to Yelapa and love it because it is quiet and quaint with a beautiful old church and pleasant restaurants.

This time we went to a beach called Las Animas, which I highly recommend as well. The water is clear and pristine, with white sand stretching out. The beach is also dotted with 3-4 restaurants, which is just perfect. It is a wider and bigger beach than Yelapa with chase lounges and tables setup with white tablecloths.

There is nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon with great friends, sipping tequila, eating ceviche and listening to a guitar player singing old Latin pasillos and ballads. It was truly magical and a moment in time I will always remember.

Once again I thank Taniel Chemsian who has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years serving the community for recommending that special day to me. Muchisimas Gracias!

By Rick Capitanio – San Diego, California


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