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Robert Schaffer

Robert Schaffer
Estate Agent
(322) 111 1302
(702) 371 4810
Purchasing real estate, either as an investment or as a personal sanctuary, can be a complicated and challenging process. The process can be simplified greatly by working with someone who understands real estate. Robert has real estate in his blood. His father was a general contractor; his siblings are involved in numerous contracting trades; he was in a long term relationship with an architect and designer, with whom he remodeled several homes; and he was a licensed real estate agent and construction attorney, practicing for over a decade in Las Vegas, the fastest growing city in the United States for many years. Robert understands real estate from all perspectives. Robert has semi-retired to Puerto Vallarta, purchasing and remodeling his own property, and he is now following his passion in real estate. He puts his knowledge of the real estate and construction industries to use for his clients, helping them find the ultimate property for their needs. Whether that is a turnkey multimillion dollar estate, a fixer upper or investment property, Robert will guide you through the purchasing process using his understanding of real estate, negotiation skills, and contracts knowledge to best serve you. If you are looking to purchase property in Puerto Vallarta, simplify your purchasing process by working with Robert.