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Gustavo Contreras

Gustavo Contreras
Assistant To Carl Timothy

Gustavo was born and raised in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, a very popular fishing and tourist port just north of Puerto Vallarta. He completed his degree in Computer Science when he was twenty two years old. Even though his degree was in Computer Science he was given the opportunity to work in something that he always wanted to do, the hotel industry; in the customer service area. He developed and polished his knowledge of the English language, obtaining experience in business administration, personnel management and supervision, working in one of the largest hotel chains in Mazatlan for two years. Looking for professional growth within the Hotel Industry he took a new position at a Luxury Boutique Hotel as Reservations Manager for about two more years which gave him the chance to learn more about the tourism world and hotel industry traveling within Mexico. Gustavo has kept using his experience and knowledge of computers and the English language to achieve his personal and professional goals.

In the search of new horizons for his professional life it didn’t take long for Gustavo to come to the city of Puerto Vallarta where he has flourished in a new and stimulating position that has helped him reach new professional goals.

With almost seven years of being part of Timothy Real Estate Group; he continues learning and gaining new experiences, now in the Real Estate world, bringing support to Timothy Real Estate Group with his diverse talents and skills.