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Gerard Allard

Gerard Allard
Estate Agent/A.M.P.I Member
When Gerard Allard does something it is with all of the skills and talents he has nurtured growing up on a farm in Western Canada where he fine tuned the basic concepts of mechanics and construction and learning that a strong work ethic, trust and integrity are key to any relationship. He brought these solid core characteristics to a twenty five year career as a police officer in Canada where he developed and refined observation skills and negotiating techniques that are needed for success in any career. He also developed and refined his written, verbal and non-verbal observation skills that again are an essential part of productive communication.

In 2012 Gerard took these same characteristics and skills to his Real Estate career where he aggressively places his client’s needs ahead of all other considerations and has successfully negotiated numerous transactions. He has always believed that what you offer is more important than what you take.

With a strong knowledge of the Mexican market he can help you find your piece of heaven in our little paradise we call Puerto Vallarta. If you are ready or thinking to market your property, Gerard is ready to help and protect your interest though the process and fight for the best possible outcomes.

Keep in mind that Gerard can assist individuals who need to communicate in their French language.

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