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100% Pure Honey In Puerto Vallarta

Honey in Puerto Vallarta: There’s some good honey to be found in Puerto Vallarta. Vendors at the Farmer’s Markets have abundant supplies of the real stuff. We love it and couldn’t have our tea without it. However, it’s good to know that not all the honey you buy, both here in Puerto Vallarta and north of the border, is actually honey. Imagine fleecing people with diluted honey! It’s a way for some to make money from the unsuspecting but you can know the difference.

Honey is good for us; it’s chock full of vitamins such as ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin. Plus minerals like calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and manganese. These are things we need to stay healthy and fit.

If you see bees or honeycomb floating in your honey, it’s almost a sure sign it’s not pure. That’s just a way to fool you into thinking you are getting something very special when, in fact, you have been not-so-sweetly deceived. Fake honey, including that which you by in most supermarkets, is often a combination of honey, glucose solutions and often vast amounts of water. Honey doesn’t pour; it’s a sure way of checking. A spoonful of honey will stay right where it is when you turn it upside down. It may dribble but it will do so very slowly.

There are tests we can do to prove the legitimacy of honey here in Puerto Vallarta. Over time, all honey will crystallize. It’s a sure way of knowing that you have the real McCoy; refrigerating it will speed up this process but we don’t recommend it. An excellent way to find out what’s in your honey is to read the label! If it says glucose or high-fructose corn syrup, put it back on the grocery store shelf. These ingredients are added to extend the quantity and also to keep the honey from solidifying. Mix some honey into a cup of water; add a few drops of vinegar and if it foams up, you don’t have honey and there is gypsum in your supply. If you mix a tablespoon of water and honey, and the honey dissolves, that’s not pure honey either. Another test is to light it on fire. Because of its sugar content, real honey will burn. If you put a piece of bread in honey and it comes out wet, you will know the main ingredient is actually water. Bread dipped in honey will not be saturated.

We love honey for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, good taste and of course, the soothing effects. It’s great for a cough coating the throat and soothing the passages. Plus the enhancement of our tea!

There is also proof that eating local honey helps with allergies. A person ingesting local pollen gives their body a chance to build up immunity and become less sensitive to the pollen to which they are exposed.

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